Staying safe and connected

Letters from Europe is the initiative by CET Platform Society with the purpose of staying in touch with CET family outside Ptuj, Slovenia, as well as with friends and partners the organisation has overseas. A collection offers an insight into life across Europe during the times of pandemic. Thoughts, reflections and stories will take the reader on a journey around the continent, to discover how ‘Coronacrisis’ has changed life as we know.

 CET has invited members of CET Platform Society, as well as our friends and partners from all over Europe, to contribute to the collection of Letters from Europe with their personal stories.

Behind the initiative

Let us introduce ourselves

CET Platform Society is a non-governmental organization and a platform for the development of Youth, NGO and Social Economy sectors, based in Ptuj, Slovenia. CET serves as a bridge between education and the professional engagement of young people. Focusing on professionals of the millennial generation in the fields of culture and creative industry, program of CET is designed to provide learning and development of competencies and specific skill-sets, experimenting various practices and testing them in a real-time environment. In collaboration with partners from across Europe, CET designs Youth Exchanges and Training Courses under the Erasmus+ program of European Union. Favorite topics are media literacy, human rights and responsible tourism, but also the rest of the SDG 2030 agenda.

We are members of CET Platform Network, which gathers civil society organisations and experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The network aims to provide opportunities for the development of creativity, innovation, personal and professional development of young Europeans. 

At Slovenian branch, we work with non-governmental organisations, social economy enterprises, cooperatives and groups of young people to develop community project ideas, public relations strategies, produce social and networking events, courses, debates meet-ups and other activities for their initiatives, both locally and overseas. 

CET has teamed up with the European Capital of Culture Ptuj 2025 office in 2019 to advise on communication tactics for the NGO sector and civil society engagement, and development of competencies in the creative and cultural sectors. Following that, CET has established a partnership with the town of Hildesheim, Germany, and their European Capital of Culture bureau to extend the network of skills and practices among towns and organisations working in the field of culture and youth.

Since October 2019 CET holds one of the seats of Regional NGO Hub (Regionalno stičišče nevladnih organizacij Podravja, 2019 – 2023) in Ptuj. RSNVOP is a partnership project with Zavod PIP from Maribor and is financed through the Ministry of Public Affairs’ scheme for development of non-governmental organisations in Slovenia. Within the program, CET works on programs of support for the NGO, advocacy for the sector and promotes the professionalization of NGO sector.

CET stands for Creativity, Education and Travel.