Letter from Bursa

To be alone and think

Dear reader,

First of all, I wanted to say how much I appreciate such meaningful and nice things like collection of Letters from Europe. It makes me happy to stay in touch with CET family. 

As we all know, we are in great pandemic time. So far it has been affecting all people psychologically, economically and socially. We have been living a very difficult life. On the other hand, we have to turn this Corona into a chance. It is a great time for all of us to be alone and think. This pandemic should be the best lesson for human beings.  

Secondly, I have learned how to use my time efficiently. The first week was a bit depressive for me because I had to quit social life totally. Thankfully, I got used to the quarantine days. Now, I enjoy everything I do at home. I have lots of time to read books, watch documentaries, films, series and to study. I devoted time to improve myself, time well spent in my opinion. I was always so busy in my professional life so it used to be almost impossible to allocate time for my hobbies.

To sum up, the pandemic has bad and inevitable effects, whereas it is a great chance for me and for others to be alone, improve ourselves professionally and personally.


Mustafa Aslan

About Mustafa

Mustafa Aslan is a thirty years old EU Project Manager from Bursa, Turkey. He is a young entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Policial Science.


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