Letter from Ignalina

After a lockdown, I will need... A lockdown

Someone told some time whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. Today it sounds complicated. It is not so simple nor to change neither to chose. This annoys, makes to feel anger and despair, and of course scares us…

Is it easy to scare us? Most would say no. Today when science and medicine are so advanced, when we have plenty of measures to stop the enemy, when we are so beautiful and smart, so powerful and rich. I agree that in most cases this would be the truth because we realize a threat as something real, visible which we can deal with because we recognize the enemy and know the measures to destroy it.

But wait. Since when we don‘t know how to communicate at a distance and this looks like the biggest challenge today? Every day we used to choose this way of communication when it was easier to write a message or to make a call instead of the meeting when it was easier to ignore because „I missed your message“, when it was easier not to find a free space in your schedule and delay a meeting to an undefined date. Once we were inserted into the frames of such communication without any other choice, all started to go out of minds and dying because of restrictions on social life. But maybe we are just trying to oppose what is not at our will because we can not decide ourselves, something is controlling us and we can‘t do anything about that. Well yes, confusion is obvious, when the enemy is invisible, when we don‘t have measures to control it, when we can‘t threaten or frighten it. Boo! It’s still here. Even ignoring it will not help. We are facing something that doesn’t have 2 or 4 legs but is intangible. And this frightens us a lot. An old good rule – we are scared of what we don’t know.

We started to get to know COVID-19 just recently and against our will. But how many unfamiliar things are around us every day and always, so obvious but ignored. Let‘s think what scares us and maybe let‘s try to get to know our fears. Maybe it will appear not as a fear but only as a lack of knowing what makes us feel unsafe. What are you scared of?

More than the virus I feared of staying in lockdown with my two little kids and all responsibilities in this perfect world, where everybody makes everything on time, are full of enthusiasm to save the world, bake pies, practice yoga or do educational activities and draw suns with their children every day. Also, keep writing motivational texts, find time for themselves, or create business and get rich overnight. But it is already more than a month when I keep up with that also. Well not with everything but just what‘s in my power and the best coping with this crisis. Well at least not to make worse. Sorry, I am not saving the world by organizing grand campaigns, charity activities, or sewing masks, although I could. If only I would have enough time for that. And also sorry that as strong as I wish that this virus would disappear and everyone would be safe, I dream that a kindergarten would open again as soon as possible. Because after this lockdown I will need to be alone for a while. When others at the same time will flow to meet each other after this starvation of social life.

Meanwhile, in Lithuania, it‘s almost May and it was still snowing a few days ago. But today a plum tree bloomed in the neighbour‘s garden. Also, there are no travel restrictions for the storks and they came here from Africa to have baby storks. The world is so beautiful and inspiring with its contrasts, however.

And the last thing – without destruction we would never know the joy of rebirth and inspiration.

Keep inspired and believe.


Agnė Vaišytė

About Agne

Agnė Vaišytė. Almost 33. Mother of two. Project manager in the fields of culture, youth, social issues, also a personal business owner. Open-minded and still trying to find the best place under the sun. Believing in myself and the balance of the universe. Currently living in a small town of northeast Lithuania, in the neighbourhood of the wild forest, far from the big city life not only during this quarantine.   


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