Letter from Kotor

The city with the soul needs to take a nap

Dear reader,

I am writing to you from a city that you had put in your travel plans after you saw it on all those lists of the most attractive travel destinations for 2020 and I want to tell that here we were waiting for you to come.

We did our best to make sure you will have an unforgettable holiday. During the winter, everyone was preparing for the tourist season, but instead of visitors’ murmurings in dozens of foreign languages, the only thing that could be heard in the Old Town now is the tweeting of some stray sparrows and the sound of tools used for the restoration of the old clock tower. I must tell you that the guide who was expecting you was a bit upset while wondering how she will tell you the story about this cultural and historical monument, one of the city’s most important symbols while it is being masked by scaffolding. Neither you nor anyone else came, but hardworking hands continue to repair, paint, and clean. 

Oh, yes, I’ve heard that you like good photo scenery and guess what – my most recent promotional campaign was called “Kotor – your movie location”. Yet, these days the city is less like a movie location and more like a movie star who decided to hide from cameras and flashes and take a beauty sleep, then to put on a nourishing face mask and do a few refreshing treatments because it was told that the announced filming was being delayed. And just as beautiful and rested, when it stands before the cameras again, the city will shine in unprecedented beauty. 

It will not be the first time it will regain its strength for what lies ahead. Kotor has been the target of many invaders for centuries and damaged during their attempts to enter, then shaken by three earthquakes, meanwhile attacked by the plague, and then by fire, but each time it would rise from the ashes and shine in front of the eyes of those who love it. And so it will be this time. 

Maybe all the tourist destinations are a little tired of so many travelers walking through their streets and as we anthropomorphize cities by constantly saying that they have a soul so that we feel their warmth and hospitality – then they also need to take a nap to welcome you fully rested.

See you soon!

Ana Nives Radović

About Ana Nives

Born in Kotor (MNE) in 1984, lived in 9 and done business in 12 countries. 

Director of Tourism Organisation of Kotor and founder of FinTech Online Center. PhD candidate in maritime logistics. Author. Painter. Gamer.

IN: Ana Nives Radovic


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