Letter from London

To live and love this amazing city


I am writing you this letter from London. Well, at least I think so. 

At this moment of typing this message on my computer, I think I could be anywhere in the world. Because what I do, what I consume, whom I communicate within the last several weeks does not make me feel in London. With the same lifestyle what I currently have, I could live in a small seaside town of Estonia or the mountain village in Spain, or even in a lonely standing villa among rice fields in Bali or a tall building penthouse somewhere in New York. I don’t think at this moment it really matters, does it?

I cannot say that my life stopped, absolutely not – my online life is bursting with team work, excellent business networking events, new forms of education, Zoom communication, Facebook sports activities, Coursera art studies, Instagram self-development marathons, Youtube live concerts, worldwide museum visits, latest cinema releases, Royal palaces close inspection and many other exciting things, which were there all the time and wish to explore it all.

But despite loving this virtual reality time, I still miss my London.

And I really hope that soon a pianist will open the night in Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, and a barman in Amazonico in Mayfair will pour his first cocktail, and a chef in a favourite Italian in Wapping will make that fresh seafood pasta, and an artist will open his small gallery around the corner from our coworking space in Soho, and a waiter, who does not speak a word in English, will wave again and call in to taste freshly made dim sums in China Town, and a barista with tattoos will make my favourite flat white around Borough Market, and a business partner will call and ask to meet in their beautiful office in the City, and my team will come together for dinner in Zuma in Knightsbridge to celebrate our achievements, and, and, and…

When all this happen, when I can see and feel all this again, I will realise that this is exactly the reason for me to live and love this amazing city!

However, I know that London, like everywhere else in the world, won’t be the same again – some businesses are already closed, some thinking about this big sad step, some moving online… online, where we all live right now, and again, just like in a real offline world, everyone chooses to spend their precious time differently despite all the amazing options opened for everyone now.

I hope that every person at this truly interesting and unique situation stops wasting life, analyses own situation and makes a plan to move forward in life. Yes, maybe it won’t be the same, but don’t you think that this is a great opportunity for all of us not to be the same again, to be much better to ourselves, to our family and friends, to the community and to the whole world we live in? 

Goodbye, and I will see you in that world, which will never be the same, hopefully, very soon. I am eager to see what it is like.

Yours sincerely,

Anna Korjakina


About Anna

Anna Korjakina is the creator and mentor of media projects. 

In her portfolio she has Rutage – Russian London Lifestyle Magazine, Media Sapiens Network – media training organisation for freelancers and micro-businesses, Life Zone Group – an organisation which creates inspirational youth projects throughout Europe.

IG: anna.korjakina

FB: korjakina

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