Letter from Sered

Dear friends, we are not in the war!

Dear friends out there in the new united world,

It is kind of strange to talk to the world and feel isolated at the same time. It is just five weeks ago when me and my husband were in France, walking on the street, enjoying multicultural environment, making new friends that won’t last more than 5 days. Drinking amazing and expensive (of course!) wine, experiencing new food and a fancy restaurant where you never know either you can suggest a tip… and making in your mind a list of places where you’re going on your next trip.

Today I’m writing this letter, sitting in Sered, Slovakia, in my bedroom with hair cleaned after 4 days… because even though you know about daily routine you should follow to stay sane, you sometimes loose it. Or your hair does. I feel like I could just lie in this bed for next two weeks and I would not feel any urge to make a new trip and visit all these places I planned to.

I found out how lazy I am and how much I enjoy sitting home… doing nothing. I’m filling out for all those weekends I was attending or organizing workshops, educational meetings, cultural events, community afternoons. Being home with my partner, or just the being is really soothing me and charging my inside batteries. 

Although, I miss our kids from community center, I miss meetings at cafe and discussing topics that sounds like they’re the most accurate and life-depending issue at the time. I think of them all the time. Usually, I hate when they hug me and those who know, make fun of me and hug me a lot. A lot, a lot. I miss hugging. 

However, it is not the presence that worries me.

For the last 4 months we’ve been preparing local art festival Vata fest. This year’s theme should be: The future is here. Corona virus came to throw a big laugh into our faces and told us: “Yes, the new future is here” and stopped us in making any cultural event we planned for this year. Gatherings and cultural events are in Slovakia prohibited since March the 10th.

We planned and planned what electronic music band should be on the big stage, what environment topic discussion should be the main one, we were wondering what graphic art should symbol the future that’s ahead of us. Now, we are wondering how to connect our local community, but without annoying cute hugging, without bands on the stage. Now, we are wondering, if the community will be healthy, both mentally and physically. 

I’m living in a small town in Slovakia, Sered. It’s always been a community fighting against Romas, Serbians, Ukrainians, suspecting anybody who dares to cross borders of the town and live here little differently. Doesn’t matter if the only difference is the language. Now, everybody is the suspect. Anybody can have “it”. Some shops are open, some must be closed, mostly services. Community centers, youth clubs, senior clubs, all must remain closed.

It’s the future that scares me.

In Slovakia, we’ve got a new parliament that came along with Corona crisis. We’re in the beginning of economy crisis. But mostly, we’re in the beginning of the crisis of trust. According to the new Slovak prime minister, the media and third sector are the enemies of state. Competition of egos has started.

Dolphins are coming back to the rivers, dinosaurs are back in the woods, environment in our towns is cleaner than ever. Today, we’re going for a walk by the river, walking the dinos in the woods just to charge our batteries, feel better, feel the power of Mother nature. However, I’m afraid, we don’t realize we’re the part of the nature, every one of us. Disease doesn’t choose between rich and poor, between blond and black, young or old, politician or reporter. The fatal end is, however, only for the weakest of us. Like the wood, we are only as strong as the weakest tree. 

Politics and some media are talking about the war we’re fighting. Dear friends, we are not in the war. We are in the biggest worldwide test of not fighting but staying together. Now we only must stay together. Not only as friends, but as humans. The new united world starts with us.


Yours sincerely,

Mira Sabova Dudasova


About Miroslava

Miroslava Sabová Dudášová is a creative soul that always must do something meaningful. She is founder of a local community and cultural center Priestor, where she and her team organize non-formal educational programs, cultural events, environmental projects and community meetings. Currently, she’s also working for regional government as an online marketing specialist.


FB: Miroslava Sabova Dudasova

IG: mira.sabo.dudas


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