Letter from Sofia

Moving in the right direction

Hello, world!

This is Yulia from Sofia. Wanna let you know we’re all good here. Yes, the times are weird and uncertain, yet full of opportunities. I don’t remember being so optimistic for a very long time.

I think it was March 13 when the world around started to slow down. I remember dropping into a shopping mall the day I heard about the first restrictions, the first cancelled flights, the last restaurant I visited: I had pasta and grilled shrimps that day. It didn’t hit me personally hard: most events were postponed, my seven trips cancelled but most of them – reimbursed, the activities just moved online. I started to spend up to 5 hours in Zoom per day.

I also don’t remember being so extremely productive, especially after me moving to Sofia just 6 months ago. Six uncertain, joyful but anxious months. Yet these days I went really hard: I gave away 50 coaching sessions, designed and delivered a 7-day challenge on clarity and energy, started developing back my personal Instagram, submitted 5 European projects for funding, held 2 meetings of my Mastermind group, just on top of daily activities. I never felt lonely or disconnected these days, to tell the truth. 

Only a couple of weeks ago I had that bitter feeling towards inability to travel. I normally travel once in 2-3 months. And dancing. Yes, dancing. I stopped dancing.

I feel I’m moving in the right direction now. I feel connected to my desires and ambitions, and I keep in touch with people who really matter. The lockdown also proved my romantic relationships are strong: we’re understanding, caring and forgiving towards each other. And manage to have fun.

And yes, two days ago it happened: I again took coffee from my favorite Green Deli cafe and strolled down a sunny Vitosha boulevard, enjoying a mountain view. I couldn’t stop smiling. It reminded me of an episode from ‘Shawshank Redemption’ when a group of friend convicts were painting the roof, and afterwards – drinking beer in exchange for a personal favor to one of the guards. That moment they felt normal. Same here: I felt back normal. 

The spring has come. And so the hope and the joy.


Yulia Markos

About Yulia

Yulia Markos is a certified life&career coach, the author of ‘Transfor.me’ coaching program and ‘Ясно.Challenge’ marathon. She works with people in transition: both in personal and professional fields.

Yulia delivered over 60 events in three countries – Bulgaria, Croatia and Ukraine, got 250+ hours of personal coaching experience and traveled to 36 countries.

Her mission is to inspire 27 million people with the idea that we all choose how to live our life at every moment in time.

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