Letter from Viljandi

May we live in online times!

13th April

Year of digital culture – video meetings, lectures, work from home and tons of platforms, offering all kinds of learning content. Customize your day, have fun with family, improve yourself. 

I`m doing great. Waking up at 6 AM, studying, working, doing hobbies, playing with my rat, cleaning, walking, drinking coffee and reading books on a balcony when the weather is nice. 

I`m stuck. I hate endless messaging and talking by phone and now it became so much worse. Just because there is no other way. One month ago, it would be nice to talk with a friend or family member, drink a glass of wine and go to the party, have a discussion with a professor, just be around people and then spend quiet time with yourself. I liked being out of my comfort zone, which is being all by myself. Now it`s all about being in the same environment and not communicating with people face to face for days, weeks, months. And the worst is – I`m getting used to that.

In one week in going home to my family by car and I`m so afraid. 


May 17th

All the things got so much weird. Had a few sleepless nights with Netflix (not in a row). Listening to music all the time just not to hear this silence. Stopped reading news… A few days ago, all the shopping centers here opened their doors (2+2 rule) and I don’t have any intention going there. 

I don’t know how I feel. I can`t understand myself. In the morning I feel good and energized but then comes the day and I feel lazy, witnessing lack of attention (because of endless interaction with laptop and phone) or crying without a reason. Because it feels like it is the same day that was yesterday and a day before and a day before… And tomorrow and a day after tomorrow gonna be e-x-a-c-t-l-y the same. I think in a decade or something it will be a huge gap for 3 months in my mind. All I will remember – it was quarantine. 

Badly seeking for inspiration, fun and extraordinary things. I need an adrenaline, an active stressful situation. But in the end, looking forward to spend this summer with family. All these months I´ve spent in Viljandi – little town, where I study and work. Well, since March 13th studying from home and not working.


I have heard lots of sick stories how young people/students do not follow the rules during quarantine, organizing parties and inviting people from different cities (especially in student dormitories). How stupid are you? 

My mom is a math teacher in high school, who really struggled with new ways of teaching – working from home, skyping with students, learning how to use online platforms etc. I remember how she was talking about frequent headaches because of the computer. 

I felt real fear three times. First was, when I couldn’t find toilet paper in the biggest shop in here (I really didn’t have any at home). Second, when “they” were thinking to stop selling alcohol… And third, when my grandma decided to go to Russia (lives in a border city Narva) just to buy some seeds for garden. I was really afraid they will not let her back to Estonia. In the end it was all good. 

I appreciate that people support people in these hard times. Especially, small businesses. But also we have to support our planet. I think it was a clear sign, we are doing something wrong. I mean… Dolphins came back Venice!?!? 


Ljubov Terukova



About Ljubov

Ljubov Terukova is a 21 years old student of cultural management in the TU Academy of Culture in Viljandi, Estonia. She has a part-time job in café and plenty of different hobbies. Ljuba served European Solidarity Corps in Pula, Croatia and is active volunteer at Vita Tiim in her hometown Narva, Estonia.

IG: u.can.call.me.love


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